A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


DAY... Friday the 13th.

Jerry Goodwin is a regular guy with a regular office job who's only motivation in life is a promotion...

But when that promotion becomes a contest, he decides to take matters into his own hands.... with a stapler to the FACE!

Take control of Jerry and show his superiors who is the real boss around here

and get.. that.. PROMOTION!!


  • One office-themed level.
  • Special Stapler Attacks
  • Stamina System for S. Attacks and dodges
  • One Boss fight
  • "Attract Mode"
  • Intro Cut-scene
  • Local Multiplayer
  • Level Intractable Items.


Using the following controllers is highly recommended:

  • Xbox 360
  • PS4

This was a three month effort with a team of four who didn't know much about making videogames, but had a lot of heart. Here is a small look of how the game evolved through those three months:


  • Rewired (Unity Control Manager)
  • Incompetech (BGM)
  • Archive3d  (3D Assets)
  • Open Game Art (SFX)

More credits within the game.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Unity
TagsBeat 'em up, combo, Comedy, Local Co-Op
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any), Playstation controller
AccessibilitySubtitles, Configurable controls
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


Minimum Wrage - Demo Build.zip 95 MB
Minimum Wrage (MAC).app.zip 99 MB
Minimum Wrage (Linux).zip 114 MB

Install instructions

  1. Extract the files to a folder.
  2. Double click on "Minimum Wrage.exe"

Please note that a controller for this game is HIGHLY recommended.

This game was made  with the Unity Engine.

Development log


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I played without a controller and still had a good time though it was a bit rough without one. Overall love the characters and hits felt gud! Great work! 

Pretty fun! Had a good time with it


It's fun little beat'em up! Some glitches here and there, but still it's good!

such a fun game 

Is this a logo glitch?

(1 edit)

The game has a very unique art-style which is fantastic. the game controlls amazingly. The game has a comedic taste to it which is good as it engages us gamers with the game and allows us to feel more relaxed while playing the game. In addition, the game does deserve some more levels as it is very fun to play. However, the game does have some draw-backs, the menu is extremely difficult to opperate with keyboard and mouse, not sure if it is because you focused mainly on controllers? But ait should be made easier for gamers without a controller as not all gamers have a controller. Also, the actual in-game response is phenomenal,but the menu response seems to be a bit slow, i find myself having to press the buttons 3 or 4 times before the menu responds. all in all, it is a brilliant, funny and unique game.

I really enjoyed your game! while frustrating at times i enjoyed it quite a lot!

Hey, I made a video on this game a little while and I had a blast with it! I laughed so hard throughout the entire game, and I think it was pretty fun. The art-style of the game looks amazing as well! Good job on the game! 


Spanish gameplay UmU

Ey excelente, un compadre mexicano!
El concepto original era de la cultura godinez, pero tuvimos que volverlo un tanto más generico para atraer más la atención, esperamos y se haya podido salvar algo de la intención original.

Nos encanta ver youtubers de todos lados disfrutando de nuestro juego, y más cuando es de nuestro país tambien
Ojala y tengamos la oportunidad de traducirlo a lenguaje español y agregar unos cuantos niveles más!

Saludos amigo!

Me encantaría que lo actualizaran con más niveles y lo traduzcan para que así todo México pueda probar la experiencia tan satisfactoria que tuve con su juego ¡Sigan así! ¿Y para cuando los tacos :b?


We worked hard for our promotion. Great game! 


Hey thanks for the feedback!

Hopefully we can squeeze in a version with more levels in the future. The groundwork is already there, it's just a matter of designing a new boss, encounters and corresponding assets.

Thanks for playing! We recently updated the game with a few QoL improvements and bug fixes too!


This was very fun and very well done.  I really enjoy the paper characters in a 3D environment such a cool aesthetic.  It does seem like the game would continue as you try to move up the ranks in the job.  However, this just mean you have an awesome start to a fun and much larger game.  

Hey, thanks for the good feedback! We are glad you enjoyed it :)

You would be correct on how we would approach the couple of levels we have in mind! We'd like to introduce SOME variety outside of level design, but things still need some prototyping; perhaps in the future we will look to revisit new ideas.

Thanks for playing!


Made a video

Oh hey co-op mode, finally someone who tried it!

Oh hey.. double boss spawn... TOTALLY UNINTENDED! Darn bugs... We fixed it in the most recent version, alongside some QoL improvements.

Still cooking up some ideas, and other micro game prototypes that we'd like to share with everyone in the near future (hopefully!)

Thanks for playing!


really liked the game i hope you add more to it or make something simulator because this was really fun!!

We're glad you had fun!
The possibilities for content are as endless as a triple shot of espresso at 9:00 AM will allow! Our development team is not as available as it used to be, but we try to push out small QoL updates that make the game much more fun!

We do have a couple of left over assets that we COULD use for more levels, but... it's on a let's wait and see!

Thanks for playing!


your welcome!!


Super fun comedic brawl type game. I didn't get far the secretary or, whatever she was gave me a one shot slap! haha

Hahahh, I think you were one of the first people to actually discover that "easter egg". When we first introduced the secretary NPC to our internal play-testers she didn't have any behavior, yet EVERYONE tried to punch her (I guess it was that she wasn't even moving as opposed to everyone else). Sooooooooo we decided to surprise them upon next release with that, and it seemed to be a hit!

We recently updated the game so that it's no longer an instant game over, but it's still a 1 hit KO!

Also, it IS possible to dodge roll out of her slap... it's just really hard (like 2-3 frames). I've only been able to do it about 2 times in a row.

Thanks for playing!



Excellent! Thanks for taking the extra effort to make a video and comment through it, it really helps me understand your though process and better provide the proper tweaks to the game.

Unfortunately the issue around stun lock I can only do patches and not fix it properly; We'd like to add wind up animations to help adept players see the blow coming instead of just.. well happen. In the mean time, we can certainly tweak, stun lock duration, enemy attack internals and what not.. but w/o the proper representation it would just feel sluggish IMO... but w/o our designer it's pretty rough.

The rest of current issues seem simple enough, aside from the part where enemies didn't attack; they are supposed to be "non-aggro" but we didn't, have time to create unique sprites for that, only the AI logic :(

Overall, we learned a lot from  your video and hearing your though process, thanks again for the extra effort!


Happy to help! I think the game has a ton of charm and the simple classic beat-em-up approach is perfect. It just needs some polish and content to be great. Hopefully you'll get the chance to flesh it out into a full-fledged game in the future. 


Hi there!

I love Minimum Wrage- great job! Could I get your details regarding a partnership ? nathan@ec1studios.com



Nice game, I'm playing from work so I don't have a game control (playing with keyboard), is kinda disconcerting using enter and attack 1 as select for menu options (it's not the same on every menu). Also playing in window mode, large texts get cut by screen size. 

But keep the good work.  

Oh we didn't catch that it was different for all the menus, we'll check it out!
Any areas in particular where the text gets cut off? 

Thanks for the kind words and feedback!


I should try and get a promotion on Normal mode too. :) Nice variety of enemies and attacks. 

PS For anyone watching, please consider subscribing for a copious amounts of indie games. 

Hi CrypticHybrid,

Thanks for the video and comments!
And yes, Felipe was a lovable cat beloved by all who knew him :(

We agree that there where too many enemies (buggers xD) and thus reduced the number of maximum enemies that can be in play at any given time.We also increased the rate which "stamina" is recovered, so you can spam more stapler boomerangs!

Thanks for playing! :)

Hi! The changes sound good, especially the stamina recovery cause.. gotta get that promotion. :)

Do you have plans to expand MW? Maybe to get promotions all the way to the top of the company? 

Sadly not at the moment :(
If internal plans change and we get a green light to go ahead, most definitely there will be a CEO fight and more office weapons, perhaps even weapon combinations!


Guess i got "enough depression to actually play" hahaha, I had a good time though nice little project haha.  Game got fun when I started mixing all the abilities together

Hi Ben,
We are glad you enjoyed it!  The use of abilities was one of our key features while designing the game, and we went through a couple of iterations as to what best cool down system was more fun for the player.

We recently updated amount of "stamina" you regain through basic attacks and time elapsed, so players can be more active in the game.

Let us know if you think something else needs tweaking!