Minimum Wrage : Demo update for GAMACON!

Hey all!

We have been rather quiet the last couple of weeks as we have been preparing for a super mega awesome event!
We will be participating in an indie booth arcade type local event this Friday! We will probably do another devlog after that with an updated pipe-line.

With that said, we have only been able to put in a few hours of work to the project. Some minor QoL stuff and other bug fixes:

- Increased time before Demo Mode is triggered.

- Enemies in "Idle State" can now be hit and become aggressive instantly!

- Fixed some older unintended spawns that... looked bad.

- Did a quick-fix for the spawning system that caused the game to soft lock in several easy to replicate scenarios (sorry about that!)

- Added a quick "How To Play" option on the start screen.

- Updated some sprites and 3D models to completely remove all previous primitive boxes.

- Fixed a bug when triggering the HR boss death animation where enemy Health Bars remained on screen.

- Updated the flow of game screens for a more "arcade-ish" type of feel.

- Added sound for when you are unable to perform a dodge roll due to insufficient Energy.

- Added a "Thanks for Playing" screen.

- Fixed a dual boss spawn on multiplayer mode.

Known issues:

- Under certain circumstances, when respawning the player can get stuck on the ground.

- Unable to play multiplayer with KB + Controller combo.

- Some UI menus don't function well with KB.

And that's it for now! Gotta go and continue booth planning!


Minimum Wrage (Linux).zip 114 MB
May 02, 2018
Minimum Wrage (MAC) 99 MB
May 02, 2018
Minimum Wrage - Demo 95 MB
May 02, 2018

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