Minumum Wrage Update : QoL Changes for 20180417

Hi everyone!

We just performed some QoL Changes to Minimum Wrage based on player feedback!

Please note that these aren't all of the changes we have in our pipeline, but given the nature of the project and the scope of the changes, we though it would be best to bring  you this small update ASAP while we cook some more complex stuff in the background.

Here are the changes:

- "Attract Mode" will not trigger while the player is in a menu.

- Coffee pickup will now put the player at Full HP and Stamina.

- If you get slapped by the secretary, it will now only remove one life instead of all remaining lives.

- Increased range and width of player basic attacks.

- You can now dodge roll cancel out of basic attacks and special moves, though doing so will cancel out any non projectile based moves. Please note that dodge rolling still requires one bar of stamina.

- Changed font and color for the "Go Go" feature to better contrast the background.

- Pressing Start on "Game Over" screen will now reload the level instead of going back to the intro cut-scene.

- Removed an attack from the "Mouse Guy" that was not part of his intended attack string.

- Pressing Start in the intro cut-scene will now skip the cut-scene entirely.

- Reduced the number of possible enemies on screen.

Here is what's next in our pipeline (please keep in mind that based on more player feedback, our priorities might change):

- When an enemy in "Non Aggro" state is hit, it will now trigger the encounter.

- Loading display to smooth out in between scenes.

- "How to play" feature.

- Several balance tweaks (stamina costs, stun timers, input lock duration, etc)

Additionally, we will look into the pickup items or making more environment intractables, as well as changing some of the locations / speed of current ones.

Last but not least, we're overwhelmed with the amount of attention and feedback that our little project has had in this community; and we sincerely thank you for playing our quirky little game. Now... let's get that PROMOTION! Can you beat my time of 3:14? 


Minimum Wrage - Demo Build.zip 94 MB
Apr 17, 2018
Minimum Wrage (MAC).app.zip 98 MB
Apr 17, 2018
Minimum Wrage (Linux).zip 113 MB
Apr 17, 2018

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